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Digital Access Pass Installation and Configuration

Digital Access Pass Installation and Configuration


When it comes to membership scripts, it’s hard to beat Digital Access Pass. DAP integrates seamlessly with WordPress, Aweber, PayPal, and a host of other services you’re probably already using. Unlike other membership scripts, there’s no need to buy additional plugins – DAP does everything you need, right out of the box. It even has a built-in affiliate module so you can put an army of affiliates to work for you.

As with any powerful piece of software, though, there’s a learning curve, which often makes it more cost effective to outsource the initial installation and set-up. All Quality Websites has worked with and installed DAP on a number of websites and in a variety of configurations, making us the ideal choice when it comes to setting up your DAP powered website.

We offer several standard options for DAP installation, and we’re always available for consultation if you need help deciding on the best structure for your needs.

Digital Access Pass basic set-up includes installation and configuration of DAP on one WordPress site, up to 5 “products” with up to 5 protected files each, integration with your PayPal Standard account, and commission or flat-fee based affiliate program. You must purchase a license for Digital Access Pass separately. Base price $400.

Add PayPal Payments Pro integration – $50.

Add up to two Aweber or MailChimp mailing lists (one for customers and a separate list if you prefer for affiliates). You must already have an account with one of these services – $50.

Add ClickBank integration – $100.

Install and configure One-Time-Offer script, s3MediaVault (for use with Amazon-hosted files), or Upsell Tree plugin. Additional licensing fees for these plugins may apply. Please see your DAP license for details – $50 per plugin.

Please note, these prices do not include sales copy, autoresponder messages, welcome messages, or graphics. If you would prefer a custom, all-inclusive quote, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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