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Wordtracker Masterclass Review: Article Marketing

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Wordtracker provides great insight about a powerful marketing tool.

Looking for a long-term marketing strategy with a fantastic ROI? Article marketing is a tried-and-true method of driving traffic, building your search rankings, and establishing your presence as an expert in your field – if you do it right. Wordtracker’s latest Masterclass installment, “Article Marketing: The Write Way to Build More Links” teaches how to use this powerful technique to grow your business.

Article marketing has gotten a bit of a black eye recently, mostly due to unscrupulous marketers flooding the Internet with low-quality “content.” In an effort to fool the search engines into thinking their site deserves a top spot in the results, these marketers use unqualified writers who barely speak English (but who will work cheap), then they “spin” the results into a thousand variations that are, to put it nicely, rubbish. But as we can see from the latest Google algorithm change – affectionately known as the farmer update for the effect it had on content farms – search engines are not so easily duped.

Does that mean article marketing is dead? Absolutely not. It just means that we need to put more effort into creating quality content that people want to read and that search engines want to serve up in their results.

Karon Thackston, owner of Marketing Words Copywriting Agency, has put together a top-notch guidebook on using article marketing the right way. She’s filled “Article Marketing: The Write Way to Build More Links” with sound advice about what works and what doesn’t. And she should know – she’s been successfully promoting her own business – and those of her clients – through article marketing for more than 12 years.

Who Should Read “Article Marketing: The Write Way to Build Links”?

Content creators and buyers alike will benefit from the lessons Karon teaches. Freelancers who master the art of creating in-depth, entertaining articles like those showcased in this guide will find their talents in demand as webmasters realize the true value of well-written content. Business owners can use the examples and advice to help them recognize quality writers to include on their marketing teams – or maybe they’ll fire up the word processor and write a few articles of their own.

This is not a how-to-write book, however. Karon assumes you are a capable writer with the skills to research and write on a given topic. Instead of wasting time on basics, she jumps right into more advanced techniques, like developing a clear picture of who you’re writing for and tailoring your article to meet their unique needs. She also offers sound advice on finding out exactly what your audience needs to know, so you can produce an article that’s irresistable.

Complete Planning and Implementation Tool

In addition to the great lessons, “Article Marketing” also contains printable worksheets designed to help you focus on your marketing goals, and to develop a solid plan for achieving them. As you work through the exercises at the end of each chapter, you’ll choose the article styles that are best suited for your audience, develop a publishing schedule, optimize your content for search engines, and write a compelling author resource box. Finally, you’ll choose the best distribution channels for your article.

One of the most helpful chapters of this book, for me, was the section on outlining your article for faster completion. Without a plan, I tend to ramble, and my articles either (a) turn into books, because they contain too much information, or (b) wander from the path and end up far from my original destination. I learned a long time ago that I need to have a solid outline before writing anything. Still, it seems like something is always missing – either I neglected to do my keyword research, or I’m scrambling to write a good bio that isn’t too long. With Karon’s outlining list to draw from, though, that shouldn’t be a problem again.

One area I thought was overdone, however, was Chapter 3. In it, Karon lists 26 article styles you can use, depending on your subject and what your audience prefers. I don’t know about you, but I get pretty tired reading (and writing) 7 tips articles all the time, so this is a great resource. I could have done with fewer examples, though. She provides a full description of each article style, then a complete article as an example. This made for a lot of words I had to wade through that – I felt – were mostly just taking up space. Although I will admit that some of the example articles were useful for the content they provided, if not for the style demonstration. I especially enjoyed the article by Jill Whalen on SEO myths and scams.

Now there are lots and lots of guides out there about article marketing, but most of them are written by those fine folks we mentioned in the second paragraph. For $17 or $7 or even for free, you can learn all the “secrets” of article marketing, including where to find the English-as-a-third-language writers to fill your article coffers. I’ve even seen eBooks that advise webmasters to buy articles for no more than 99 cents! Think about that a minute. If all a budding online business needed to hit the big time was 500 articles at 99 cents each, everyone with a website would be lying on the beach sipping margaritas while the accountants kept an eye on their bank balance. There’s a lot more to article marketing than words on the screen, and taking this kind of advice will do your marketing plan more harm than good.

If article marketing is a part of your strategy – and it should be – then it pays to get solid advice from a pro. “Article Marketing: The Write Way to Build More Links” will help you develop a plan, create solid content the search engines love, and gain valuable links from authoritative websites.

Disclosure: I was given a review copy of this eBook and am an affiliate of Wordtracker. Should you purchase their products through links found on this site, I may earn a small commission.

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