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Ready to finally put up that website you’ve been talking about?

Great! Here’s how it works:

Call us at 616-951-1011, or fill out the contact form and we’ll schedule a no-cost, no-obligation phone interview to discuss your project.


Plan on the first meeting taking 30-60 minutes. We’ll need to know about your business, what experience you have with websites, and any special concerns or questions you have.


We’ll email you a complete proposal including a line-by-line cost breakdown, recommendations for structure, theme, and special functions, and any questions or areas of concern we have.


You call or email us to accept the proposal, and we’ll invoice you. Once the invoice is paid, we’ll get started. Your completed website will be live on the Internet generally within two to four weeks of receiving payment.


When you sell shoes or sweaters or cell phones, it’s easy to say “Model 12998T in brown is $29,” because every model 12998T is exactly the same. Same kind of leather, same rubber sole, same brown shoelaces with the plastic ends that keep them from fraying.

Not so when you’re talking about WordPress design and development. Every project is vastly different from the last one, and bears no resemblance to the next. There simply is no “one size fits all” rule when it comes to your website. And frankly, you wouldn’t want there to be.

However, we can say that a very basic WordPress installation and customization starts at $500.

We could make a big list of all the things that includes, but really, wouldn’t it just be easier to schedule a consult? Call us at 616-951-1011 or fill out the contact form here and let’s get started.

Our Promise to You

At all quality Websites we pride ourselves on producing quality work on time.
Whether your project is large or small, we’ll give it our complete attention from start to finish.
Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

About Us

All Quality Websites is an American virtual assistant company specializing in membership script installation, WordPress design, One-on-One coaching, Content Development, and technical support for your cPanel hosted website.