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ashleyIf you’re sitting on a painful, splintery fence, and it hurts to stay still, but you’re afraid of the pain of climbing over and making progress, I can honestly recommend All Quality Websites team with all my heart.
Within days of a reassuring first chat, I was being walked through my shiny new aMember install. And a few days after that, I had a shiny new WordPress theme styled just like my existing site.
Support is fast, awesome and newbie-patient, and rates are surprisingly affordable. So if you’re excited about opportunities but afraid of the technology barrier, don’t get any more splinters. Get your butt on over to Cindy and Rik, and they’ll ensure your dreams are not hamstrung by techie ham-fistedness.

Ashley Cotter-Cairns

stan-praninI cannot recommend enough the services of Cindy and Rik at All Quality Websites. They have helped revamp and manage our suite of websites and given them a highly professional look. The world of WordPress is ever changing, and the setup and operation of a membership site presents ongoing challenges. Don’t try to learn it all yourself, there are not enough years! I’d be lost without Their many talents and sage advice. Thanks to All Quality Websites, I can concentrate on my vision and produce quality content. It’s called the “division of labor!

Stanley Pranin

jayAll Quality Websites did an INCREDIBLE job on the website! I was impressed with how they were able to select the perfect template, design the color scheme & graphics and develop a very robust membership system. They juggled a lot of moving parts and created the perfect website for me and the members of my Facebook group. Plus, they were very patient in dealing with all of my questions and revision requests. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a website.

Jay Bayne
CMC – Chief Monkey in Charge

As an entrepreneur, my success is partly contingent upon my focusing on what I do best – and the mechanics of website set-up and functionality are not part of that focus. That is why I am so glad to have All Quality Websites on my virtual team. As a marketing strategist, I can visualize and layout the game plan to be followed and simply hand that over to them for effective, efficient, and affordable execution. I always have 100% confidence that everything will happen like magic before the established due dates. It’s an extremely comforting feeling knowing that they have it all under control.

Cindy and Rik have been the best “leverage” I have found to date, to help advance my business. If you have an online business or are looking to build an online business and want to improve your success – then YOU NEED them on your virtual team! It will be one of the best decisions you make for your online business.

Gerard Yanuzzi

debra_conradIf you need hand holding service for your business All Quality Websites is my personal favorite. I needed a ton of help all at once and they got me out of several pickles.

  • My website server crashed and I didn’t have current backups of any of the 45+ websites.
  • I needed a new membership site set-up with Digital Access Pass.
  • I needed a company that would “just take care of it”… and let me get back to work doing what I do best – (which is NOT trying to be a technical guru).
  • I needed to move all those 45+ sites to a new hosting account.
  • I needed “therapy”!

All Quaility Websites did it all in the background. They took care of me professionally and quickly.

I feel a sense of peace knowing that I put my business in good hands and all is well with the world.

Debra Conrad

Creating a new website can be an exciting process. With the wrong designer advisor, however, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. That’s why I hesitated a bit about bringing my latest idea to life. Then I remembered Cindy at All Quality Websites.

Truthfully, I was nervous about doing a WordPress site. I didn’t want my site to look like a blog. I wanted it to look like an HTML site. I had questions about how to apply my HTML-based web kills (all 2 of them!) to WordPress. I didn’t want to be lost when it came to doing minor updates, etc. on my own.

I already knew Cindy did top-notch work from my experience with her on other projects so I took the plunge. A wise decision on my part, if I do say so myself.

The process couldn’t have gone smoother. I opted for the Plus package which took care of a lot of the nit-picky stuff I hate to do. It also included a custom web banner for the site which was important to me.

Just as with my prior experience, Cindy was a total pro! We batted ideas around for the banner, site colors and whatnot. With just a few minor exceptions, she nailed the design on the first try.

Even after the design was completed and implemented, she continued to answer my email questions and helped me with a couple of issues I couldn’t figure out. Total pro!

Will I use All Quality Websites again? You bet! Very affordable, love the ease and flexibility of WordPress, and I find Cindy and her team to be a breeze to work with.

Karon Thackston

Before I hired Cindy at All Quality Websites I literally was doing all the work myself and my online business was going nowhere. Now with Cindy by my side, I am more efficient and more productive which has lead to greater sales of my products and services. She manages the details with absolute integrity, speed, and she is accessible. What I appreciate most is that she holds my hand with such care and patience, which is so important when running an online business. Now my business is really rocking and rolling and I have Cindy at All Quality Websites to thank.

Thank you Cindy.

Jonathon Aslay

stan-praninA consultation with Cindy, saved me hours of time researching and wondering if I had everything set up correctly. Not only was she very helpful, but she knew exactly what to look for, how to answer my questions and get me headed in the right direction. I feel empowered to move forward and will definitely call on her again for future projects.

Karen Rodriguez

JMS-250Cindy Bidar seriously rocks! I had struggled for hours trying to figure out a technical issue so that I could launch a new product. I was already behind schedule with the launch because of this technical glitch; I was beyond frustrated. Then I remembered Cindy. I contacted her, and within a half an hour, I had an appointment set up with her for that same afternoon. I asked her to do the fix for me, but she did one better—she taught me how to do it…in under 5 minutes! My product could have already been making money for me if I had contacted her sooner. I won’t make that mistake again! Now I know that I don’t have to be great at the techie stuff, because I know Cindy at All Quality Websites. My tech worries are over, thanks to Cindy!

Jacqueline Myers

melissaingoldCindy has quickly become a valuable asset to my online business. Not only is she a talented writer, but her professionalism guarantees that my deadlines are met with ease, with results that are always stellar.
I insist on using only the highest quality of content for my business, and Cindy comes through with 5 stars every time. Thanks Cindy!

Melissa Ingold

stan-praninWorking with Cindy is always a pleasure and always brings me the best results. She extremely knowledgeable, fast and always gives me the best advice on what tools use for my business.
I recommend Cindy to any entrepreneur who’s ready to stop wasting time and money on DIY and start investing it on what matters to their business: getting clients!

Helena Alkhas

wilberAs my business was growing I was looking for a good support system to put in place to help me with the ongoing tasks it takes to keep things running smoothly. That’s why I was so excited when I hired Cindy. Her knowledge and skills are phenomenal and she is as professional as it gets. If you are looking for a VA with a wide variety of skills and a reliable work ethic I highly recommend Cindy!


Kate Wilber

leferCindy I am really impressed with your smarts and your effort to be excellent in your work! This required some detective work and frankly many/most would have given up. Your perseverance and determination allowed me to get to the bottom of the issue so I could get it resolved quickly.

Christian LeFer

Working with All Quality Websites has been a brilliant experience from beginning to end. They listened carefully to what I wanted, explained techie things clearly, has delivered within the promised timeframe, and has been consistently helpful and available to answer my queries. Best of all, they created a website I really LOVE that more than meets my expectations. I couldn’t be more delighted.

Annie Kaszina

orettaI had put together a rough sales page on my own for and it was doing “okay,” but it certainly was far from great. I knew the ideas I wanted to get across, but I needed different wording to efficiently get that message to the readers. All I did was email Cindy with the basic idea, a few pieces of the content that I was offering so she could see what the readers were getting and also to get a feel for the product style, and she did the rest of the magic from there. She took the ideas I had and turned them into a fresh sales page that converts much better than the original version and even gave me a list of alternate headlines to test out. I’m getting ready to launch a new product and I will be visiting Cindy for sales page writing again because her work is of the best quality, she’s easy to work with on a project, and on top of all that she gets things done quickly.

Loretta Oliver

Sharon-McMillan_95096I’m sorry for gushing but I am so thrilled to have found in our work at home community such a great business writer who is also extremely professional. I’ve worked in marketing for over 18 years and I have to say that you are one of the quickest and most intuitive business writers I’ve seen! All the articles you wrote are fantastic and I appreciate you going the extra mile by being proactive and identifying those weaknesses in the keywords I had hastily put together. You truly demonstrate your company slogan as being the marketer’s copywriter because that is exactly how I would describe you! Thank you and I most certainly will be hiring you again!

Sharon McMillan

wenI came to Cindy with a request for sales copy to help bring a new service that I plan to offer to life. I was very pleased with her ability to produce the results that I was looking for on her first try. I was expecting to answer several questions to help point her in the right direction – but she nailed it with only the little bit of information that I provided her with in the beginning of our email conversations. It’s always a real treat for me when I come across a service provider that is as professional and top-notch as Cindy is.
Thank you Cindy for offering such a great service. You will definitely be hearing from me again!

Wendy Wood

staci-jansmaCindy took a big task, went full force and provided with me with content that was perfect for site that I was going to launch within a few days. I was so impressed that I literally copied and pasted what she wrote into each of the pages of where I needed it. The sales copy and webpage content was exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Cindy for your project – if you are stuck and need to launch a product and have no idea what to say about your product because it is your baby – then bring Cindy in and show her and give her the details.

Staci Jansma

Cindy thank you so much for doing my first ever Outsourcing job. I’m completely thrilled with my new blog header and the work you and your team did within my blog.I’ll definitely be recommending allqualitywebsites and using your services again. I also thank you for getting the job done very quickly, with integrity and at a great price!

Christine Holroyd

jeanetteWhen I decided to start my own blog I found that it’s much more complicated than I had expected. Luckily I was put in touch with Cindy and she directed me to the right resources to watch and read and now I am well on my way! Thank you Cindy for always being there to guide and support me! I now have the tools I need and am confident knowing that you’re always there to help me.
I plan to use her on future projects. Thank you, Cindy!

Jeannette Audette

My website sat dormant for about 2 years. I knew it was not effective, but wasn’t sure why. Cindy was able to offer constructive, specific feedback and suggest solutions.

Since I am not technically savvy, Cindy’s help was invaluable. Not only was she able to get “behind the scenes” and update my site; she was also a joy to work with. Cindy combines professionalism and friendliness, and clearly knows what she’s doing. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and colleagues, and hope to continue working with her in the future.

Elizabeth Battle

Kim-AprilMy client was very pleased with the Search Engine Optimized copy that Cindy produced for his website. She was able to capture the client’s thoughts and put them into clear, concise, well-formatted text that will surely be found by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, bringing traffic, high rankings, and more business to my client’s website. Cindy was a pleasure to work with and I can highly recommend her copywriting skills.
I plan to use her on future projects. Thank you, Cindy!

Kim Smith

imageThank you very much for all your help with Digital Access Pass! Your team at All Quality Websites went way beyond the call of duty. You under-promised and over-delivered, and we are looking forward to working more with you.

Allen Rubin and Catherine Corbin

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