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Why “Top WordPress Plugins” Lists are Worthless

Top WordPress Plugins imageOne question we often get from clients is, “What are the top WordPress plugins?” While we do install a small selection of plugins with our WordPress installation service, beyond those few, there just isn’t a good answer to that question.

Think about it. Your business is not the same as our business. Do you need a lightbox plugin? We use one, but you may not need or want one. Do you need a “top commenters” widget? Only if your goal is to quickly build a community around your blog. What about a spam blocker – surely every blog needs that? Maybe not. Many blogs turn comments off, so even that one can be unnecessary.

Choose the Plugins that Work for YOU

Sure, it never hurts to browse the “Top WordPress Plugins” posts, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because someone recommended a plugin, you have to have it. Consider first why and how you’ll use it, whether it will add value to you or your readers, or if it will simply add to your server load.

Consider, too, if you will always use the plugin. Of course, you can’t predict the future, but if you use, for example, a certain SEO plugin for several months and then change to a different one, the tweaks you made to those posts will disappear when you uninstall the old plugin. Do you really want to have to leave an unused – and possibly outdated – plugin active on your site indefinitely? A much better idea is to choose only those plugins that are necessary for your site to run efficiently.

There are no Magic Beans. Or Plugins.

We love plugins for WordPress. They can make your job as a blogger (and our job as designers) much easier by adding much-needed functionality to your website. They can enhance your SEO, stylize your photos, and make adding product listings a breeze. But no plugin will instantly make your blog popular or drive it to the top of the search engine results. Only you can do that.

Want to talk about what plugins you DO need for your WordPress site? Send us an email. We’ll be glad to discuss it with you!

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